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In With The New - Our Own Brand
Here at Southern Swords we had a good run of selling Koto Katana, but as things  grow we have brought in our own specialist in this field. We have expanded out into the creation of our own brand of Katana called Tora Hanta. This new brand is to give a range of katana from those purely for display purposes through to those suitable for Iaito and Cutting. We have a small sample of swords listed on the site at present and will be adding many more over the coming months.
Larp Warriors Website Launch
At Southern Swords we work on bringing the best we can offer you, and  we have started to work with some large well established brands for LARP though with such an extensive catalogue of new high quality LARP products we felt it deserved its own website. We have therefore launched http://www.larpwarriors.co.uk  to provide all of our LARP Weapons, Armour and Equipment so we invite you to head on over and check it out.
Windlass 15% Reduction.
Our Windlass items have been reduced by a huge 15% across the whole range.
Take this opportunity to grab yourself a bargain on these quality goods. We do a vast selection of period clothing, weapons and larp iems, now more affordable than ever. 

Club Discount Scheme
Southern Swords is now introducing our Club Discounts scheme, allowing for Re-Enactment clubs and their members to get a discount on our products, contact us for more information and to join.

New Staff, New Office
Over the last few years trade at Southern Swords has increased steadily to a point where we have moved into a new office space and have employed a new member of staff, so welcome Anthony, our IT specialist who will be helping the business and website run smoothly so we can continue to expand and grow.

Skyjiro Forge At Southern Swords
Southern Swords is now proud to announce we will be stocking swords from Skyjiro Forge, High quality hand forged Katanas designed by Japanese trained sword-smith Kinzan with over 20 years smithing experience.


Swords, Armour and more high quality Re-Enactment supplies from Southern Swords

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