Legal Information

Important Legal Information.
You must be aged 18 or over to purchase any of the bladed items on this website or replica firearms. The flintlocks and replicas on this website cannot, and are not made to fire. They are designed for display purposes only and are constructed from a material unsuitable for use in a firearm. These items are sold for decorative use only. Please be aware that whilst it is not against the law to own a knife - sword etc, it is an offence to carry one in public without good reason. Remember, offences with replica weapons carry the same penalties as with real weapons. For further information regarding UK law please refer to : Offensive Weapons Act 1959, Offensive Weapons Act 1996. Details can be obtained from HMSO or viewed at Southern Swords assumes no responsibility from either intentional or accidental misuse of any items.

For any purchases made on this site you must be aged 13 or over or have a parent or legal guardian consent and provide us with confirmation of their consent of the purchase.

Under UK law it is illegal to sell any curved swords with a blade over 50cm unless they are -
Hand forged in a traditional method,
Is an antique over 100 years old,
Is a samurai sword made prior to 1954.

Any curved swords that do not fall into these 3 general exemptions may only be sold to those who have a specific reason for owning the sword. These reasons must be verifiable on request and are as follows -
A Member of a martial arts club or historic re-enactment society that holds 3rd party liability insurance.
A registered theatrical events company or film / tv production company.
A Historic re-enactment event that holds 3rd party liability insurance.
A Religious ceremony.