1796 Light Cavalry Sabre With Leather Covered Wooden Scabbard 88S/88SS

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Brand: Cold Steel

This sabre was widely used by the British and their Prussian allies under General Blucher in the Battle of Waterloo. The blade was derived from the ferocious Indian Talwar and was reviled by the French who protested its use due to the horribly destructive wounds it inflicted. In fact, this sabre was so successful as a cutting weapon, that the German Cavalry continued to use it right up to the beginning of the 20th century.

If you want a combat quality sabre that will pass the British Proof Test and is extremely sharp and capable, this is a must have! It comes fully sharpened with a wood and leather scabbard with steel mounts.

This 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre comes with a wooden leather covered or a steel scabbard. Both Leather & Steel Scabbard versions feature steel mounts and fittings


Weight 34.2oz 0.97kg
Blade Thickness 516" 7.9mm
Blade Length 33" 83.8cm
Handle 4¾" 12.1cm
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 37¾" 95.9cm
Scabbard Steel or Wood / Leather
Country of Origin India 


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