New Website Launch

Today we have launched our new range of websites across all of our brands - This is in part to bring them into a better place of harmony between themselves but also to upgrade the technology used behind them to allow us to present much more mobile friendly websites.
11 months ago
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New Bladed / Pointed Item Shipping Changes

New shipping requirements for bladed or pointed items in the UK mean that from 01/11/2019 our couriers will need to ask for passport or driving license age verification if they do not believe the person they are handing the item to is over the age of 18.
1 year ago
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Renaissance Wax Now Here

I have long been a fan of Renaissance Wax and here at Southern Swords we are now offering this product for sale, over the next short while you should see it appearing as an optional extra on all / most of the products that its suitable to use on
5 years ago
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