Keeping the body safe in combat is crucial, legs can stop you from moving, arms can stop you from holding though something often overlooked is the shoulder armour, a wound to the shoulder can stop you from fighting just like a wound lower down on the arm if not even make it worse and while many dont fully protect this area history has shown that many used to. Spaulders or Pauldrons were the names of the Shoulder Armour used in medieval times and this could range from full plate mail pieces to leather armour. The cost of armour in medieval times often dictated class as the poorer often couldn't afford full armour, protecting shoulders, and elbows were something that could be purchased and worn without full arms meaning that shoulder armour was more affordable to even those who couldn't afford much more.

Shoulder Armour

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    16 Gauge Bevor
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    Classic Steel Pauldrons - 20g
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  3. Giant Warrior Pauldrons
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    Gorget With Bevor - 18g
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    Gothic Pauldrons With Upper Arms
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    Lamellar Pauldrons - Shoulder Armour
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    Pauldrons With Blade Breakers - 18g
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  8. Ranger Gorget
  9. Suede Mages Gorget
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