The Assassins Creed game series exploded into popularity from the start with the first game being hugely successful, this has caused many follow up games and many dedicated fans but has also caused the launch of clothing and replicas and as an Assassins Creed costumes uk retailer we offer the officially licensed products to ensure you get the best quality. These Windlass made Assassins Creed costume replicas can let you transform your look to match Altair or Ezio perfectly. Ideal for lovers of the series looking for exciting collectables that also make up a fully wearable costume. While many more games have since been released with new heroes there are yet to be official Assassins creed costume releases for the newer characters featuring in the games so for now at least the options are a limited to the original and often considered best heroes of the series.

Assassins Creed

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  1. Altair Over Tunic With Hood
  2. Altair Under Tunic
  3. Crusader Priest Robe
  4. Ezio Gloves
  5. Ezio Shirt
  6. Lionheart Gambeson
Set Descending Direction

9 Items

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