The Japanese were known as the most sophisticated warriors in the world in the age of the Samurai, training consistently with some of the best designed style of swords allowing excellent cutting and thrusting we have a real love for samurai swords and our katanas for sale here give something impressive whether it be for Iaido or cutting the swords we sell give you both an excellent price and the best performance. With some well known brands and some small forges that we work closely with we have even designed and released our own range of katanas for sale and may be looking to expand this into other styles of swords too. We also offer several other types of Japanese sword including Guntos, Wakizashi and Tachi to cover a wide range both time wise and purpose wise. We are sure that you will find something that you love here in out katanas for sale and we hope you enjoy displaying it or using it.

Samurai Swords

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    Bamboo Mat Wakizashi
    Special Price £430.00 Regular Price £440.00
  2. Bamboo Mekugi
  3. Brass Habaki
  4. Bushido Katana Folded Steel
  5. Deshi Series Katana - Kusa
  6. Deshi Series Katana - Shio
  7. Deshi Series Katana - Take
  8. Gold Lion Katana
  9. Gold Lion Wakizashi
  10. Great Wave Tanto
  11. Hunter Katana
  12. Hunter Wakizashi
  13. Jumping Koi Katana
  14. Jumping Koi Wakizashi
  15. Kaeru (Frog) Katana
  16. Kihon Series Katana - Kage
  17. Kihon Series Katana - Yasei
  18. Mizutori Katana
  19. Mizutori Wakizashi
  20. Oni Katana
  21. Practical Elite Katana
  22. Practical Katana
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-36 of 64

per page