The Medieval period spans a large number of years and as time progressed many styles of medieval swords have come and gone and in more recent times we have classified these swords under a typology known as the Oakeshott Typology, ranging from type X to XXII this allows for you to have a general idea of which range of years specific styles of medieval swords are from making it easier to pick the swords you need or want. Our swords often list their typology though not all do we have done this to help you in easily picking a medieval sword for re-enactment or for a display piece in a collection.

Medieval Swords

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  1. Bastard Sword
  2. Classic Bastard Sword
  3. Crusader Sword With Crosses
  4. Crusaders Pionters Sword
  5. Eglinton Basket Hilt Sword
  6. English Bastard Sword
  7. English Short Sword
  8. German Bastard Sword
  9. German Long Sword
  10. Late Medieval Arming Sword
  11. Rhinelander Bastard Sword
  12. Roman Centurion Gladius
  13. Sempach Sword
  14. Swept Hilt Rapier
  15. The Bannockburn Sword
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    The Banshee Sword
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  17. The Sword Excalibur
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    The Two Handed Great Claymore Sword
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Set Descending Direction

32 Items

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