We sell a wide range of Viking helmets to suit all styles used during that period. Our stock includes manufacturers such as Get Dressed For Battle, Hanwei and Windlass Steelcrafts. The Viking helmets show various designs used by the Vikings. Many have nasal protection and spectacle style face protection as this was the favoured style of that time. Our range includes decorative through to heavy re-enactment use helmets. The helmet was designed to protect ones head in battle from the blows of the enemy . Many were customised to add features such as horns to enhance the look of the helmet and to represent great strength.

Viking Helmets

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  1. Barbuta Helmet - 18 Gauge
  2. Embossed Viking Helmet
  3. Gjermundbu Helmet
  4. Gjermundbu Viking Helmet
  5. Horned Viking Helmet
  6. Illumine Helmet - Brass
    As low as £108.00
  7. Italo Norman Helmet
  8. Migration Period Helmet
  9. Norman Nasal Helmet
  10. Norman Polished Nasal Helmet
    As low as £53.00
  11. Raven Helmet - Dark
    As low as £102.00
  12. The Nasal Helm - 16 Gauge
  13. Vendel Helmet
  14. Viking Coppergate Helmet
  15. Viking Helmet
  16. Viking Spangenhelm - 18 Gauge
    As low as £62.50
  17. Viking Spectacle Helmet - 18g
    As low as £62.00
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