The Tora Hanta Katana line is split into 3 series, the Kihon (Basic) series, aimed at those who cut and train at home or those looking to start out. The swords feature a high quality 1060 Clay Tempered blade for excellent strength and have lower cost cord and alloy fittings. The blade on the Kihon series is 2.45 Shaku (74.5cm) In Length

The Deshi (Student) Series which also feature a 1060 clay tempered blade, though have a higher quality Saya, Iron fittings and silk Sageo and Ito. The blade on the Deshi series is 2.6 Shaku (79cm) In Length

And finally the Sensei Series, these Katana feature a Soshu Kitae lamination blade that is traditionally clay tempered. The fittings are made from Iron or Brass and also feature Silk sageo and ito. The blade on the Sensei series is 2.6 Shaku (79cm) In Length.

Tora Hanta

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  1. Basic Single Sword Stand
  2. Black Dragon Training Axe
  3. Butterfly Training Swords
  4. Chinese Training Dao
  5. Classic Training Knife
  6. Combat Training Knife
  7. Deshi Series Katana - Kusa
  8. Deshi Series Katana - Shio
  9. Deshi Series Katana - Take
  10. Eagle Training Shield
  11. Fantasy Training Sword
  12. Ghurkha Training Machete
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-36 of 85

per page