Beowulf Kids LARP Shield

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Our Beowulf shield is a foam weapon for adventure-loving children - boys and girls alike. Kids love to take on the roles of brave warrior or intrepid heroine and create adventure, both alone and in groups. And while wielding a tree branch or stick, who has never imagined they were holding a real sword? If only we had made our Beowulf shields back then

Fantasy Adventures foam weapons for kids are a high quality, sturdy, and safe alternative to conventional toy weapons made of resin or plastic. Made with a foam filling and a soft, hard-wearing outer casing of natural latex, they do not have points or sharp edges. Lightweight and very manageable, our Fantasy Adventures foam weapons for kids were designed for playtime safety and fun.

The authentic airbrushing makes these foam swords, axes, and shields look very realistic, so kids love them! Made with top-quality craftsmanship and materials, Fantasy Adventures foam weapons for kids are the toy weapons that will make young adventurers happy for years to come.
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