Clansman Highland Dirk - 17th & 18th Century

Brand: John Barnett

The highland clansman of the 17th and 18th centuries were noted for the dirks they wore as part of their daily dress. In battle the dirk was held in the left hand along with a small circular shield known as a targe and a basket-hilted broadsword was used in the right hand. With this combination of weaponry not only could the clansman ward off enemy blades but he could also dispatch either one or two opponents simultaneously. Early Scottish dirks developed from the medieval ballock dagger and often had plain wooden grips carved with Celtic interlace. The blades were single edged- long and extremely pointed.


Later highland dirks had metal re-enforced grips and the blades were often ground down from broken swords. The dirk is still in use today both as part of military highland dress and as a general highland dress accessory.

The item comes with a small horizontal bar on the back of the throat of the scabbard to allow a strap or belt loop through.


Key Features:
EN45 Spring Steel
Historically accurate
Quality Construction


Blade Length 28 cm
Overall Length 45 cm

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