Gypsy Skirt & Blouse

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

This airy, opulent outfit reflects the carefree, lively attitude of the traveling folk and is the perfect garb for balmy summer evenings. With its panes of lace alternating with velvet knit and floral damask, the multi-layered circle skirt is the centerpiece of this outfit. It has an elasticized waistband, lining from the knees upward, and is cut to swirl around on the dance floor – or around a campfire. The peasant blouse in matching red damask has open sleeves that fall in folds and are tied with flirtatious red lace and ribbons. The ends are elasticized. A black cummerbund sash ties at the back to fit your waist perfectly, and you can bind the red scarf (not shown) around your head in a number of ways.


Key Features:
Lace & Cotton velvet
Blouse, Skirt & Belt
Dry clean only.


Available in S / M / L & XL


Womens Sizes:
S = 8 - 10
M = 12 - 14
L = 16 - 18
XL = 20 - 22
XXL = 24+

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