Lorica Segmentata

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Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Roman legionaries basically had three types of body armour to choose from: mail shirts (lorica hamata), scale armor (lorica squamata) and armour of overlapping metal strips (lorica segmentata). This segmented armour dates to 9 A.D. at the earliest and was used until the late 2nd century A.D. but it never completely replaced the mail shirt. A lorica segmentata was made of 26 curved iron strips that were riveted to leather straps that buckled together. The legionary would put on this "shirt" and fasten it with leather ties and metal hooks. That made it difficult to put on a lorica segmentata quickly, but on the other hand, it provided impressive and – most importantly – reliable upper body protection.

Our version of this heavy Roman armour is the historically accurate replica of a lorica segmentata from the 2nd century that was used in Newstead, Scotland. This lorica segmentata is made of high quality steel and weighs approximately 7.9 kg. It may look stiff, but the legionary wearing was able to move with agility and flexibility.
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