Pirate/Cavalier Boots With Fold-Over Cuff

Brand: Southern Swords

Soft, Faux-Leather Pirate/Cavalier Boots With Large Fold-Over Cuff
These high quality faux leather Pirate or Cavalier boots are soft, stylish, and are very comfortable to wear.
A great all purpose period footwear with a large fold-over cuff which can be worn up or down. (See Picture)
These boots feature an all rubber non-slip sole and heel.

An excellent pair of boots which are fashioned in the style that Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow wore in his pirate adventures.
Also used by the famous trio in the 3 Musketeers.


Key Features:
Comes In Sizes 8 - 12
Soft, Faux-Leather
All Purpose Period Footwear
Large Fold-Over Cuff
Can Be Worn Up Or Down
Non-Slip Sole & Heel.
Available in black or brown.

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