Reducing Auction

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 We are once again offering a selection of items on reducing auctions that daily reduce the prices.
These auctions are open for UK and international buyers

- - - -

How this works is :-
We will be offering items at a start price, then every day they will drop in price by one pound until they are sold.

We offer only one of each item in the auction, so when you think the price is right for you, its time to buy, but remember others may buy it first, and when its sold - its gone. So don't wait too long to buy it, or you may miss out.

We will also be adding new items all the time so you will always have new listings to look out for.

We will also offer 1 item per week which you will have a chance to decide on.
Just send us an email to [email protected] with one item you would like to see in the auction, then the top item asked for each week will be listed.

Many thanks and all the best

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