Roman Centurion Helmet

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The Roman legions were equipped with the Montefortino helmet for centuries, but the Weisenau Imperial helmet began to replace it when Augustus was emperor. The forehead band riveted to the scull for cushioning cuts, ear cutouts, and shaped cheek pieces at the sides that limit how much face is exposed are all characteristic of this advanced development.


This Roman army helmet – Imperial-type, known as Weisenau in Germany – has a neck guard at a 90° angle, typical Gallic eyebrows, and elaborate brass edging and rivets. A crest ("crista") can be attached to the holder on the upper side of the bowl to allow every centurion to show his rank. Our Roman centurion helmet has a genuine leather liner and fits a maximum head size of 61 cm.


The helmet is made of 18 gauge carbon steel.


We also have a helmet stand for this item as pictured which is usually £19- but if purchased with the helmet is only £15-

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