Thraex Gladiator Greaves

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Thraex gladiators were very popular: their classic fighting pose has appeared in many illustrations and statues through the centuries. The distinctive helmet a thraex wore covered his face completely, and his primary weapons were a short sword and a small, bowed shield. For protection, he relied on an arm guard and two large greaves.

These thraex gladiator greaves are hammered from thick bronze sheets and – historically correct – do not have knee joints. The greaves have metal eyelets with leather ties to fasten them to your lower legs. Above the knees, they are stiff but not attached. For improved comfort, these thraex gladiator greaves are lined with soft, brown suede.

Each one of these greaves weighs approx. 1.3 kg and is approx. 56 cm long.
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