16th/17th Century Pirate Cutlass - Hanger

Brand: Hanwei

Based on an original, this Pirate Cutlass (or Cutte) is accurately sized and antiqued to replicate a museum piece. The fully tempered, high carbon steel blade has a distal taper, with fullers on both sides along the spine, and is light and quick. The hilt fittings are cast in solid steel and blackened, matching the locket and chape of the leather-covered scabbard.
Pirates of the 16th century typically carried a few flintlock pistols and a cutlass or combinations of both. The short bladed cutlass was at home among the rigging and cluttered decks of a sailing ship, where a longer sword would have proved a disadvantage. Many a bloody-handed pirate of the 17th century clambered over the side of a gold laden galleon armed with a cutlass such as this. Known by many names- "hanger," "cuttoe," and "short sabre" by infantry, or "cutlass" by sailors- this was an exceedingly popular short weapon.


Comes with a dull edge that can be sharpened in our workshop for a cost of £25


Key Features:
Authentic Replica Of Museum Piece
Forged High-Carbon Blade
Steel Hilt
Full Tang construction peened over the pommel


Overall length: 78cm
Blade length: 63cm
Blade Width. (Widest). 3.5cm Handle length: 9 cm
Weight: 0.85kg
Weight In Scabbard: 1.1kg
Point of Balance: 13.5cm
Width at Guard: 12cm

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