1848 Colt Dragoon Revolver

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Samuel Colt (1814-1862) was an American Inventor and Industrialist.
He was the founder of Colts Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company and is widely credited with the popularization of the revolver.Colts revolver was a more practical adaptation of Elisha Colliers revolving flintlock which was popular in England.
Colt wanted all parts on every Colt revolver to be interchangeable and machine made, thus making them more affordable.Business boomed due to the Californian gold rush, the expansion of western America and tensions in Europe.
The 1848 Colt Dragoon was designed by Samuel Colt for the U.S. Mounted Rifles (Dragoons). It is a .44 calibre revolver which was carried in a pommel holster on the saddle.
The Colt was designed to replace the 'Colt Walker' because of the latters tendancy to explode when fired and also because of its unwieldy size. It was used throughout the American Civil War.
This stunning replica revolver weighs approx 1.56kg and measures approx 14 1/2" (368mm) from the end of the barrel to the bottom of the grip.It has a working trigger and movable cylinder.
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