Original Genuine 1911 Japanese Government Officials Sword

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This sword is from my private collection and is one of the rarer ones of them all.
A rarely encountered Japanese Government Officials sword in Hannin level for Chosen (Korea).
These swords were assigned to Japanese officials who were occupying Korea after 1911 and up until WW2.
The sword has Kiri on handle backstrap as shown in close-up.
The sword has remained in a very nice condition showing just normal wear.
Handle has genuine rayskin covering, and perfect wire wrap.
The locking stud that secures the sword with the folding handguard is missing, but the sword still stays nice and tight in scabbard.
The scabbard also has a genuine sharkskin cover that is very nice.
Blade has some light aged staining, but nothing serious.
Truly a very honest example of a very rare sword that has become almost impossible to find these days!
Blade measures 26" and overall length out of scabbard is 31".


For sale in UK only £1250 + £20 P&P (insured)

Enquires: Contact  Paul - at Email:- [email protected]

Postage for this item is £20 if within mainland UK
To make the purchase please make contact and I will send a PayPal invoice for payment - Many Thanks



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