3/4 Length Sleeve - Zinc Plated Butted Mild Steel Chainmail Shirt

Brand: Ancient Warrior

This 3/4 sleeve, Zinc plated mild steel chainmail shirt is crafted in 16 gauge butted steel.
This is a great buy for the costumer on a budget.
This Hauberk provides an authentic appearance for the role player while providing an economical construction style of mail.
Although butted construction has less structural integrity than riveted mail this steel type construction will still provide a very sturdy mail garment, and is an excellent item for costume, re-enactment or LARP, and would make a great addition to any collection.
Due to the nature and the movement of chainmail, this garment will fit a 40" to a 60+" chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments.
Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece.


Size: Fits Up To 60"+ Chest Size Over Garments.
Ring Construction: Butted.
Ring Type: Round Wire.
Ring Material: Mild Steel.
Finish: Zinc Plated.

9mm internal ring size

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