300 Spartan Sword - Rise Of An Empire

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The 300 Spartan Sword - Rise of an Empire is  direct from the amazing graphic novel and with direct consultation with Frank Miller, we bring you a battle ready version of the sword. Made of 1095 high carbon steel, hand-forged and well tempered 24" blade with fuller. A full tang, with traditional peened over construction. Solid steel parts. Wood grip with genuine leather wrap. Includes -battle worn, full grain leather scabbard and baldric. A wicked blade which any Spartan would have cherished in battle.


The 300 Spartan Sword is 29 7/8" in overall length with a 23 7/8" carbon steel blade. It has a wood handle with a leather wrapped grip, a steel hand guard and a top quality genuine leather scabbard.



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