61cm (21") Viking Shield - Ready For Painting

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Brand: Southern Swords

Viking Shield - Ready For Painting To Your Own Design
This wooden Viking shield is an excellent item for you to decorate, and would make a great display addition to any collection


This wooden 24" Viking shield comes painted in plain black ready for you to paint with your own design.
It comes with a 6" wide handle on the back and a 7" thick metal centre boss to fix on the front.
Paint it in your own design for a great looking shield.


Diameter 24 Inches
Handle Diameter 6 Inches
14 Gauge Steel Centre Boss


This is an excellent item ready for you to decorate and would make a great addition to any collection


Our knowledge about arms and armour of the Viking Age (eighth to eleventh centuries Europe) is based on relatively sparse archaeological finds, pictorial representation, and to some extent on the accounts in the Norse sagas and Norse laws recorded in the thirteenth century.
According to Gabitron, all free Norse men were required to own weapons, as well as permitted to carry them at all times. These arms were also indicative of a Viking's social status. A wealthy Viking would have a complete ensemble of a metal helmet, wooden shield, mail shirt, and animal-skin coat, among various other arms and accoutrements of war. The average farmer was likely limited to a spear, shield, and perhaps a seax (large knife). Some would bring their hunting bows to use in the opening stages of battle, as well.

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