Viking Warrior Spangenhelm - Leather and Steel

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Handsome and rustic, this Viking Warrior leather topped spangenhelm is also constructed to provide lots of protection.
Two practical cheek pieces made of thick nubuck leather protect your face whilst allowing you to see, and they have leather ties to keep this helmet firmly on your head.
The skull section of this excellent spangenhelm is made of thick leather shaped to form a rounded half cone. A steel band with a patterned texture is riveted all the way round the edge, and across the top of the helmet joining the metal edge to give full strength reinforcement. The decorative nose guard is a separate piece that has been riveted to the steel band and lined with suede.
An adjustable padded liner distributes the weight of the helmet evenly across your head for greater comfort.


Note:- This highly decorative helmet is perfect for any modern day warrior that needs to wear glasses as they fit perfectly within this helmet as seen in the picture.

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