Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
The baselard, or Swiss dagger, was probably named after the city of Basel in Switzerland. Swiss pikemen of the 15th and 16th centuries typically carried an edged weapon like this one. The hilt features a distinctive, crescent-shaped crossguard and a pommel that curves in the other direction, an arrangement that dates to around the 13th century. There were many different Swiss dagger variants – some even approached the length of a short sword. The popularity of their all-purpose character paved the way for the Swiss Army knife of the 19th century. With its hand guard and pommel made of brass and wooden grip wrapped in black leather, our baselard represents an earlier form of the dagger. It comes with a brown leather scabbard featuring a mount and chape. Specifications: Total length: 43 cm Blade length: 30.5 cm Weight: 0.45 kg Blade thickness (base): 4.8 mm Blade width (base): 3.2 cm
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