Black and Grey Western Lever Action Rifle

Brand: Kolser

This replica features a stunning level of detail that gives an authentic look and feel with a number of parts that move just like they should. This rifle replica features a working lever action, trigger, and hammer, which are perfect for making you feel like a real western icon. The replica also features a wood look grip and a blued finish with aged gunmetal antiquing, which gives it a rough, somewhat old look that is perfect for a western rifle. The final touch comes in the form of a decorative steer head emblem that is located right on the stock of the rifle, making it look like a rifle taken directly from a ranchers personal collection. This rifle measures approximately 39 inches long. Please note that while this rifle has a realistic look and features moving parts, it was made as a replica and cannot be made into a functional firearm. This Black and Grey Western Lever Action Rifle would make a fantastic display piece to have on your mantel, as it looks just like the real thing. For that reason, it also makes for a fantastic prop weapon, as well as a great gift to give to any gun enthusiasts.


Key Features:

An Impressively Detailed Replica of a Lever Action Rifle

Authentic Look and Feel

Features a Working Lever Action, Trigger, and Hammer

A Non-Firing Replica Rifle



Overall Length: 39 Inches

Overall Weight: 6 lbs.

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