Brooklyn Whopper - Baseball Bat

Brand: Cold Steel

The Brooklyn Whopper is the biggest bat we've ever made. At 38 inches, the Whopper is the maximum allowable sized bat for Major League Baseball, and weighing in at just over 48 oz it's a certified monster! This massive, king-sized Baseball Bat is perfect for strength and conditioning training, swing practice and warm ups - and when it's time to hit something, well, you are sure to knock it out of the park!


Ever since their release back in 2006, our Brooklyn Series of Baseball Bats have been consistent fan favorites!


Precision injection molded out of the heaviest-grade high-impact polypropylene that we can find, these bats just can't be broken through impact alone.


As they are made from a polymer, rather than wood or aluminum, they are not only stronger than traditional bats, but they are more durable too! Our Brooklyn Bats won't rot, crack, or splinter, or even fade! You needn't worry about dirt affecting them either, since they're impervious to the elements and clean up with little more than soap and water.


Weight 48.3oz 1.37kg
Handle Thickness 118" 2.9cm
Tip Thickness 2½" 6.3cm
Material Polyproplyene
Overall 38" 96.5cm
Country of Origin Taiwan 

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