Burgundy & Black 5 Piece Pirate Costume Set

This burgundy and black pirate costume set is a great way to turn yourself instantly into caricature as a pirate on the high seas.

This 5 piece costume set consist of :-
1. A white shirt with lace tie collar and button sleeves.
2. Grey 3/4 length trousers with button front and cord tie waist.
3. Black vest with adjustable cord tie detailing on the back.
4. Good size burgundy cotton sash.
5. Matching burgundy cotton bandana

We also have our recommended selection of accessories to complete the outfit which you can choose and ad any number of from the tick boxes These are :-
1. Black leather Pirate belt with brass buckle
2. Leather baldric for cutlass/sword
3. High seas Pirate cutlass
4. Pirates flintlock with skull and crossbones on the handle
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