Butted High Tensile Chainmail Haubergeon

As low as £97.00
This haubergeon is made from links of high tensile wire that have been butted together end to end. It is left uncoated.

Please Note: Belt is not included.

The haubergeon was a widely used defense, both geographically and in time. It was used by warriors as varied as Classical-Era Celts to Medieval warriors, making chainmail one of the longest-lived defenses in history. Haubergeon and its parent word Hauberk come from the Old Frankish word ‘’halsberg’’ which originally is a reference to a mail item that protects the throat.

Large - up to 50" Chest (Over Gambeson)
X Large - up to 56" Chest (Over Gambeson)
XX Large - up to 62" Chest (Over Gambeson)
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