Catholic Kings Royal Sword of Ceremony LIMITED EDITION

Brand: Marto

The Sword of the Catholic Kings is one of the most significant swords in Spainish history.


This replica commemorates the "Royal Sword of Ceremony" which has been used in ceremonial acts of the Court from the epoch of the Catholic Kings until the XVIIIth Century where King Fernando and Isabel knighted Christopher Columbus after his return from the Americas.


This Catholic Kings Sword is part of Marto's LIMITED EDITION SERIES is strictly limited to 1500 units worldwide. Crafted by Marto in Toledo Spain, this decorative sword features 440 high polished stainless steel blade forged of world famous Toledo Steel tempered to 48-53 Rockwell hardness, with a uniquely impressive gold leaf on black relief detailing.


The remarkable high level of craftsmanship of this highly collectable piece is revealed in its beautifully designed and detailed 24K gold and silver plated hilt with red velvet gold wire wrapped handle. This item comes with a wall plague for mounting and certificates of Authenticity. Each piece is individually marked with a unique serial number.

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