Celtic / Scottish Highland Targe

Brand: Stone Castle

Covered in brown leather and decorated with brass fittings, this targe has all the romance of the Scottish Highlands. Expertly captured in this authentic design.
Originally used for battle and now mainly for decoration, this rugged shield is made of a dense hardwood and expertly covered with soft leather.
The Scottish Targe was used by the highlanders as a defence against both arrows and hand weapons. Light and manoeuvrable, it often concealing a left-hand held dirk.
This targe has an historical design using both brass fittings and tacks which have been added for additional beauty.
Sturdily built for re-enactment, and with dual heavy duty leather straps on the back to give a firm arm and hand hold.

Suitable For :- Viking Saxon Barbarian Celtic Scottish Ect - Perfect Costume Accessory

Overall: 20" in diameter
Wt: 2.2kg

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