Robin Hood 4 Piece Costume Set

Brand: Southern Swords

Quality Robin Hood 4 Piece Costume Set

This Robin Hood outfit is a high quality costume, and the perfect set to transform you back to the days of old when Robin and his men roamed the forest
This 4 piece costume set consist of :-

1. Black Faux Suede Trousers.
Comfortable to wear, with a soft feel and plenty of room for movement. They have an elasticated waist with a cord tie.
2. Robin Hood Brown Shirt.
This chocolate brown corduroy shirt with its padded and studded sleeves is both comfortable and warm to wear.
3. Robin Hood Studded Belt.
This black and silver belt has a studded leather finish which gives a great look to your costume.
4. Black Hood
This textured black hood tops off this outfit perfectly and looks great either worn up or down.

Together these make an excellent and very popular costume set.

Comes in size - S/M or L/XL

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