Corinthian Helmet With Red Plume

Brand: Ancient Warrior

Fully wearable and an excellent item for re-enactment or would make a great addition to any collection

This is an excellent reproduction of a Corinthian Helmet. It is made of hand-forged A-36 18 gauge mild steel.
This metallurgical composition provides excellent resilience, durability and will polish to high sheen.
This item is shipped to you pre-oiled for protection, and close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece.

Inner Diameter Front to Back "Approx"- 9 Inches
Inner Diameter Ear to Ear "Approx"- 8 Inches
Hight from Top to Bottom "Approx"- 21 Inches,
Circumference is "Approx"- 26.69 Inches
Made in 18 Gauge Iron steel

This is an excellent item for re-enactment and would make a great addition to any collection


Stand not included


The reputation of the Spartan hoplite was well established. Their equipment was excellent, especially compared to that of non-Greeks. They had willpower and no fear of dying on the battlefield; to die in this way was the greatest honour a Spartan could hope for. At the back of every Spartan's mind, as he prepared for battle, lay the words of Spartan women ...that a Spartan hoplite should return home carrying his hoplon or being carried on it! When retreating, a hoplite discarded his hoplon (shield) as it was very cumbersome when attempting to run. To retreat was, for a Spartan, unthinkable. Hence the loss of a shield was considered cowardice. If a Spartan was killed in battle, his comrades carried his body on his hoplon back from battle for burial.

Comradeship in the Spartan army was extremely strong. According to Spartan tradition, Lycurgus had been most particular in fostering it. The agoge (Spartan system of education) had comradeship and belonging as one of its cornerstones. Young boys were drilled in packs. As a youth of 20 a Spartan male sought membership to one of the dining clubs. This syssition, as it was called, comprised some 15 members who spent considerable time with one another, even when not in training. When in battle, the syssition was the hoplite's "tent".

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