Derringer Pistol Philidelphia USA 1850

Brand: Denix

A derringer is generally the smallest usable handgun of a given calibre. They have been used by women because they are easily concealable in a purse, or as a stocking gun. Derringers are not repeating firearms-repeating mechanism such as used on semiautomatic handguns or revolvers would add significant bulk to the gun, defeating the purpose. The original cartridge derringers held only a single round, usually a pinfire or rimfire cartridge, usually around a .40 calibre, and the barrel pivoted sideways on the frame to allow access to the breech for reloading.


This is beautiful non-firing replica pistol with fully working mechanisms.


Key Features:
Functional lock mechanisms
Authentic weight and detailing


Overall Length 17 cm
Weight 0.210 kg

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