English Medieval Knights Axe - 13th - 15th Century

Brand: John Barnett

In medieval warfare the armoured knight represented the ultimate in shock cavalry. Fully clad in the best armour of the day and impervious to all but the most specialised weaponry he dominated the battlefield. Typically he was armed with a lance, sword and dagger, but after the inevitable loss of breakage of his lance it was not his expensive sword he would reach for, as the greatest percentage of hit fighting would be done with more specialised weaponry.


The horseman's axe was a short hafted weapon and very effective at delivering heavy blows with the axe edge in a battle situation but as many of these medieval axes also sported a spike on the opposite side of the axe head the weapon had equally devastating armour piercing capabilities. Often medieval axes had protective strips called langlets riveted to the side of the haft to protect against cuts to the wood. Horseman's axes were used extensively between 1300-1500.


Key Features:
Historically accurate
High Quality Construction
Hardwood Grip


Blade Length. 17cm
Overall Length. 56cm
Weight. 1.050Kg

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