Medieval War Axe

Brand: Marto

This high quality Medieval axe is part of the exclusive collection of "Medieval Arms" by Marto of Spain


Ideal for collector's, this is an excellent piece of armour which would be a fantastic addition to any collection, can also be adapted for theatrical and TV use.


Axes were a fairly common weapon during the Medieval Ages, primarily because an axe could be easily made and required less ore than a sword. However, the ease of creation did not make an axe less effective in battle.          

The War Axe by Marto is a reproduction of a 15th century axe primarily used by mounted knights and was very effective against light armoured opponents.

The axe features a spiral-engraved handle and a simple, yet wickedly effective axe-head. Composed of an axe blade and with rear spike, this axe-head was not only good for cleaving through enemies but also for penetrating Armour during battle.

The War Axe by Marto is just a replica and is not intended for combat. This axe proves that while they were common and easy to manufacture, they were in no way inferior to other weapons of the time.

This item is beautifully crafted and adds an authentic touch of history to any costume or display.




Overall Length: 60 cms - 24 inches

Handle: Turned Wood Spiral

Axe:  Steel


Comes with Certificate of Quality and Origin.

Made in Toledo, Spain

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