Gallowglass Sword - Irish

Brand: Stone Castle

In Ireland the warrior elite were known as gallowglass, these men fought on foot wearing chainmail jerkins, helmets, gauntlets and large two-handed swords. The gallowglass were supported by lightly armed retainers known as the Kern.
The large two-handed sword of the gallowglass had a long, broad double-edged blade and the guard was of cruciform type often with a cut out "E" shape or some other similar detail on each guard end. Pommels were of hollow circular type and the tang of the blade could be seen running up through the pommel itself.
The Irish gallowglass fought as mercenaries not only in Ireland but also with the Scots, and the English armies of Henry the 8th are were famed for their ferocity with their deadly two-handed swords.


Key Features:
Hand Crafted High Quality Construction
Historically accurate
EN45 Steel


Blade Length. 105 cm
Blade Width. (Widest). 6 cm
Grip Length. 20 cm
Overall Length. 139 cm
Weight. 3.7 kg

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