Gladius Wooden Practice/Training Sword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
The gladius was the sword of choice for the Roman legions, and many gladiators also chose to use the double-edged sword when they were fighting for their freedom and lives in the Colosseum.

After a gladiator in ancient Rome had won his freedom, he was awarded a wooden gladius like this one as a symbol of his freedom. Our training gladius is based on the classic Roman gladius and made entirely of hardwood. The pommel and guard are darker for visual interest. If you plan to use this wooden gladius as a training sword, be careful: the blade is made of wood but it does have a sharp point.


Authentic look and feel
Overall length: 27"
Blade length: 20"
Blade Thickness: 5/8"
Width at Guard: 1-3/4"
Weight: 3/4 lb

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