Our Medieval helmets for sale represent a large range of styles used during the medieval period of the 5th to the 15th Century. Helmets were produced as protection for the head during battle. They completed sets of armour and offered their wearer head protection from the blows their enemies made or from arrows sent flying towards them during battle. Medieval helmets were made in a huge variety of styles and were often made to the design of the individual. Southern Swords medieval helmets for sale come from well known manufacturers such as Hanwei, Get Dressed for Battle and Windlass and vary in steel thickness from 18 gauge through 16 gauge to 14 gauge. The Medieval helmets we have here on our site show the vast selection of variety during that time period.

Medieval Helmets

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  1. Fleur De Lis Great Helm
  2. German Sallet Helmet
    As low as £86.00
  3. Gjermundbu Helmet
  4. Gjermundbu Viking Helmet
  5. Gothic European Sallet Helmet - 18g
    As low as £100.00
  6. Gothic Knight Helmet
  7. Great Fighting Bascinet
  8. Houndskull Bascinet Helmet
  9. Illumine Helmet - Brass
    As low as £108.00
  10. Italo Norman Helmet
  11. Kettle Hat Helmet
  12. Kettle Helmet - 16g
  13. Kettle Helmet - 18 Gauge
    As low as £78.00
  14. Knights Templar Helmet
Set Descending Direction

Items 37-72 of 129

per page