Viking Vendel Helm with Hammered Detail and Chain mail


This Vendel Helm is handcrafted from 18 gauge riveted steel and fitted with a long chainmail of butted mail links. The helm is well-detailed on its ocular mask and in the hammered plates that form part of the dome. The interior of the helm is blackened to give it some resistance to rust and it is completed with an integrated and adjustable leather suspension liner. The leather cord can be used to adjust the fit of the liner to the head. The helm is finished with a leather chin strap with an adjustable brass buckle to keep it securely in place when worn.


Made from 16-gauge steel, this replica Viking Vendel helmet is historically accurate. This type of helmet was discovered at a grave site at Vendel in Switzerland.


Vendel is also the name given to an era of the prehistoric Germanic Iron Age, with this type of Vendel helmet being commonly worn by Vikings between 520-600AD. This replica helmet incorporate elements that are found throughout Viking Vendel helm designs, such as strong skull protection and eyehole and nose defence.


The pattern of rivets that secure the separate pieces of steel together does provide some decorative quality, but essentially this helmet has a simple plain design; other more highly decorative examples of Viking Vendel helmets have survived, the aim of this decoration was create an overall fierce effect.


This replica Viking Vendel helmet has a flexible but highly protective butted mail aventail, a common feature of Vendel period Viking helmets, with the mail aventail giving extra face and neck defence. The aventail is attached to the helmet by a series of holes that are approximately 5mm apart and 5mm above the bottom edge of the steel section.


The combination of the steel cap and mail aventail give a very solid weight to this helmet of approximately 3.6kg. To hold the helmet securely in place it features a heavy duty adjustable leather spider-style liner and premium quality chin strap.


This Vendel helmet is appropriate for use by members of Viking re-enactment societies. As well as wearing a helmet similar to this one a Viking warrior would traditionally also enter battle armed with a shield, sword or axe.

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