Henry Rifle 1860 - Brass

Brand: Denix
Henry Rifle, 1860 - Brass There had been attempts to produce repeater rifles and muskets as early as the 16th century. Notwithstanding the success enjoyed by the cap-and-ball revolvers of Colt and others, it took the unitary cartridge containing priming, charge and projectile to make the repeater rifle a reality.
When Oliver Winchester set up the New Haven Arms Co., he brought Tyler Henry in to run it. Henry's first act was to design a repeating rifle worked by an under-lever that ejected the spent round, chambered a fresh one and then cocked the rifle. This non-firing version clearly demonstrates the workings of the lever-action loading system.

Key Features:
Functional lever-action mechanism
Great decorator piece

Specification Metric
Barrel Length 51cm
Overall Length 111cm 38"
Weight 2.980Kg 6lb 9oz
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