Horsemans Pick Warhammer

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
At first glance, a horseman's pick doesn't seem especially threatening. But take another look – because almost the whole mass of this weapon is concentrated in the head of the hammer, the cut of a relatively light hammer has a force that can dent plate armour and break bones. Combine the head with a curved steel spike that comes to a brutal point and the result is a horseman's pick that can pierce armour.

The handle of our horseman's pick has a square profile and is made of solid wood. Two steel bands and assorted bolts and rivets join the head to the handle.

Total length: 60 cm
Weight: 1.35 kg
Handle length: 56.5 cm
Spike length: 11 cm
Hammer length: 4 cm
Hammer head height: 2.5 cm
Hammer head width: 3.5 cm
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