Imperial Death Star Officer Uniform

Brand: Southern Swords

Star Wars Imperial Death Star Officer Uniform
Black Costume set.

Imperial officers were members of the Galactic Empire's military.
The officer was a high class soldier within the Empire's military who provided a commanding presence among the legions of stormtroopers that were deployed to fight the Emperor's enemies. Their leadership roles often inspired the troops in battle and were capable of summoning more troops onto the field.
The individuals of this class were divided into numerous special positions and placements. Despite these variations of the officer class, there was one common trait amongst them which was all individuals of this rank were ambitious.


This is a quality costume that consist of :-
1/ Imperial Officer shirt - cotton/polyester secured by velcro.
2) Cotton/Polyester matching set of pants with 1.3/4 belt loops.
3) Imperial Officer matching cap with aluminium Imperial disc.
4) Leather heavy duty belt with large buckle and aluminium Imperial disc.
5) Rank emblems of captain, major and admiral, diy attached by means of adhesive or stitching.


Key Features:
High Quality & Durable
Heavy Cotton-Blend Fabric


Leather Imperial Officer Galactic Boots Sold Separately.


Comes in size
Chest 34-38 inches Waist (Elastic sides) 32-34 inches
Chest 38-42 inches Waist (Elastic sides) 36-38 inches
Chest 42-46 inches Waist (Elastic sides) 40-42 inches

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