Knight's Chain/Livery Necklace

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Knight's Chain or Livery Necklace to designate a knight or lord of high office made of metal plates that is suspended on the shoulders.
It's the perfect touch to dress up your armor or stately outfit.

Since the Middle Ages, chains or necklaces were given and used to designate a knight or a lord of high office. Also called a livery necklace or trade chain, it was given as a badge of office or a symbol of loyalty. The best known is the Esses Necklace, which owes its name to the Eses linked together in a chain. Later the knights of some of the European Chivalric Orders would wear this type of necklaces.

We have the first record in the 14th century. Charles V of France grants his chamberlain Geoffrey de Belleville the right to wear the Cosse de Geneste or Broomcod necklace at all parties and in all companies. The Esses necklace was first recorded prior to this, as given by John of Gaunt, and remained in use by the House of Lancaster during the Wars of the Roses.

Our design consists of a wide metal plate collar that is suspended over the shoulders, around the neck. It is approximately 91 cm long and is made of solid nickel plates attached with steel rings. Weighing in at 455g, it's the perfect touch to dress up your armor or stately outfit.

Total Length: 91cm
Weight: 455g

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