Knights Templar Gauntlets

Brand: Marto

These high quality Medieval Gauntlets are part of the exclusive collection of "Historic Armour" by Marto of Spain


Ideal for collector's, this is an excellent piece of armour which would be a fantastic addition to any collection, can also be adapted for theatrical and TV use.


These are a pair of exquisite Knights Templar Gauntlets by Marto of Spain. They have been made in highly polished steel, for a classic and clean look. As a pair they have been decorated with a brass 'Cross pattée', the symbol of the Knights Templars on the forearm of each gauntlet.

These gauntlets are segmented and fully articulate to allow for free movement when in battle and were a regular part of a knights armour.

They provided protection for the hands and arms from debilitating blows especially when in close combat.

This armour is beautifully crafted and adds an authentic touch of history to any costume or display.




Overall Length: 40 cms - 16 inches


Material:  Steel Construction

 Accented by a Brass Templar Cross


Comes with Certificate of Quality and Origin.

Made in Toledo, Spain

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