Templar Chainmail Half Sleeve Haubergeon

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This Templar Chainmail Half Sleeve Haubergeon is a shirt of mid thigh length approximately 32" long with a flagged bottom. This exquisite chainmail shirt is skilfully created by hand with an authentic 4 in 1 medieval weave. Constructed from darkened, 10mm ,16 gauge, mild steel, butted rings with a contrasting Templar Cross. The slim fit and decorative design of this shirt gives the wearer the ability to stand out and be noticed. An ideal historical item that is suitable for stage and costume but also LARP (live action role play) events

Construction: Butted Rings
Material: Mild Steel
Ring Type: Round
Ring Size: 10mm - 16 gauge
Finish: Darkened

Large Fits up to a 48" chest
Length from shoulder to bottom 32 inches

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