Kris Dagger

Brand: Hanwei
The most common Moro sword found in Sulu & Mindanao is the kris and it is extensively used by the Tausug, Samal, & Yakan warriors of the phillipines. The kris has a rather ambiguous history with folklore giving many varying accounts. Some believe that it is symbolic of the stingray’s tail (buntot-pagi) or that it's a design of the mythical serpent/dragon (nagi) and some believe it has a distinct religious connotation. The blade of a kris is double-edged and maybe completely straight, completely wavy, or wavy at the bottom that straightens at the top of the blade. The kris hilts are unique in design and resemble a ""horse hoof"" (kalaw-kalaw). Our kris are made of L6 high-carbon steel and are constructed with a brass blade collar to withstand the rigors of training.
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