Viking / Saxon Scramasax Dagger & Leather Sheath

Brand: John Barnett

The Scramasax dagger was carried by the Saxons and Vikings between the 4th and 10th centuries, this was utilised as both a tool and a weapon. Carried vertically on your belt, the Scramasax provided the spearman with a close-quarters weapon when needed, and its broad blade could handle many day-to-day chores. The ancestry of the Scramasax, which evolved from similar weapons in bronze (and later iron) used by the Celts, is portrayed in the decoration of the guard and pommel. 


Key Features:
EN45 High Carbon Spring Steel
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction
Leather Scabbard


Blade Length 30.5cm
Overall Length 45.5cm
Weight 0.550 Kg

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