Landsknecht Halberd

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The halberd spread throughout Europe as an infantry weapon starting in the 14th century. The combination of spear and axe features are enormously effective: With the long point one could jab as with a spear, with the axe it was possible to strike as with a two-handed axe – and the hook opposite the axe head made it easy to yank opponents on horseback to the ground. Long metal rims over the staff caught enemy blows while keeping the head securely fixed to the staff.


The halberd was especially effective in rank and file operations on a mass scale. German landsknechts, the notorious mercenaries of the late 15th century, used especially skilled fighters with halberds on the front line. Behind these "double soldiers," as they were called because they received double remuneration, the landsknechts stood with long spears, filling the gaps in the action with their jabs.


Our Landsknecht Halberd of tempered carbon steel and finely grained hardwood is based on an original prototype from a private collection. A cross-shaped cavity embellishes the axe head, on the back of which a hook measures approx. 12.5 cm. The rounded square cross-section of the staff prevented the axe head from being turned to the side in the heat of battle. A steel sleeve is fastened to the bottom end of the shaft.


Due to the length of this item there will be additional postage costs incurred.



Overall Length: 173 cm
Spike (at top) Length: 34cm
Axe Blade Length: 27cm
Axe Distance From Shaft: 10cm
Rear Spike Petrudes 13cm From Shaft.
Weight: 2.4 kg

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